When I tell people that they can use their foodwaste to create things of use they regularly think I am a little over the top. The truth is that quite often it’s super simple to prevent something becoming waste. As the saying goes “Waste is only waste if you waste it.”.

First thing you will need to do is gather apple scraps. These can be apple cores, peelings or even just an apple that’s past it’s best in the fruit bowl. If you need time to gather your scraps I suggest storing in the freezer until you have enough.

Once you have enough you will need to gather together the following:

400g apple scraps

700ml of water

4 heaped teaspoons of sugar

a jar large enough to hold the above

It’s as simple as mixing these ingredients in the jar and making sure the apples are covered in the water and not poking up too much. It’s also important to let air at the mixture but you don’t want to let any bugs or dirt in. I cover mine with a clean cotton tissue and an elastic band.

You will want to give the mixture a stir every day for the next 2 week’s until the mixture goes brown and then strain the fruit out. Once strained you will keep it a further 2 weeks in a jar or bottle, letting gas out of the jar daily (if you forget to do this the pressure you make the bottle or jar explode) and give it a daily stir. After this 2 week wait you will be at the point where it should be ready to use.

I use my apple scrap vinegar to clean my counters and as a rinse aid in my dishwasher. I pop a little orange oil in my finished solution to boost cleaning power and improve the scent however you can pop citrus peels into the vinegar and wait another few weeks for them to infuse.

When using as a counter spray you will want to diulte 50% vinegar to 50% water.

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