always remember when I moved back home from England and we were looking for a new house.  We stayed with a family member and I had only brought a suitcase of stuff.  Of course there were many things I forgot and an exfoliator was on that list.  I will never forget the impact on my skin when I didn’t exfoliate for around 2 weeks.  My skin looked almost grey and when I bought a cheap exfoliator to use when I seen the difference I vowed never again would I neglect the need to exfoliate regularly.

Enter the stage.

Pacifica Glow Baby Youthful Face Scrub (£14.99 for 50ml)


Of course I use many acids as well as physical scrubs but the Pacifica Glow Baby Youthful Face Scrub is a good scruby scrub when I want to feel like I have exfoliated well.  Made with a natural exfoliant of ground wallnut shells, this scrub is free from micro-plastics – hurrah!  In fact, Pacifica like to avoid a whole lot of beauty badness and are made without animal testing, animal ingredients, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, sulfates, synthetic fragrance and petroleum.

The scrub itself feels very course when using, I almost feel like I need to be cautious I don’t cut the skin with it (though let’s be honest, it’s likely there are micro tears that the naked eye can’t see).  It has a geranium scent which is lovely and I find the product great for exfoliating around the sides of the nose and crease in the chin.  Once washed off my skin feels super smooth and this is no doubt down to the plethora of oils used in the scrub along with the geranium oil to keep the skin hydrated.

It’s not always easy to find Pacifica in stores in the UK however you can order it online from Baba Me who have it for £14.94.  If you are very lucky, some large Tesco stores with a well stocked beauty section have Pacifica too.

Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful Hydration Mask (£15.99 for 59ml)

Matching nails!

I love night masks.  It feels like the laziest way to use a mask and achieve great benefits all in one go.  Just like the scrub, this mask has a pleasant floral scent with rose and jasmine coming through.  The fragrance is very mild, making it a super easy mask to sleep with, a calming smell if you will.  It also contains aloe juice to soothe and hydrate, shea butter to soften and hyaluronic acid which helps your skin retain moisture.

I really enjoy using this mask and while it can feel heavy when you first apply it, it certainly sinks in to even my oily skin so don’t worry that it will sit there making you feel sticky all night.  By the morning my skin always feels well hydrated and like the overnight mask has done it’s job.  I tend to rotate this with my Aromatherapy Associates Sleep Mask but if you can only pick one mask and you want to go for a cost effective option that works well then you wouldn’t be going wrong with Pacifica.

As with the scrub, this product can be purchased on Baba Me.

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