I’ve been using deodorants focused on natural ingredients for a couple of years now in an effort to avoid aluminum.  More recently it has also been important for me to reduce the amount of plastic in my bathroom and I slightly reevaluated what deodorants I am happy to use.

After spotting one of my posts on Instagram, the folks over at Pit Putty very kindly sent me some of their products to try and for the last 10 days I have been putting it to the test.

Pit Putty are an Irish company which is great as I love to support local businesses and their products have 100% natural ingredients.  The owners created Pit Putty out of their need for a good deodorant that would work for them while avoiding unnecessary ingredients.


When I first had a sniff of Pit Putty at the Sustain Market in Portadown I loved the scent of the three flowers.  Florals are always a winner with me.  The brand have a variety of choices to pick from to suit all tastes and for the last 10 days I decided to use the Lavender and Lemon.

The packaging on the product is tin, making it a more sustainable option than plastic.  To open you twist the lid of the tin and then apply the product with your fingers.  The consistency is very soft and easy to work with.  The best way to describe it is that it melts like rubbing your finger on a block of butter and massages into your underarm with ease.


I haven’t had any problems with white residue and in the full 10 days I wore it at no point did I have any nasty whiffs (don’t take my word for it – I asked people in work lol).  In fact, I didn’t even feel the need to top up during the day either which I definitely have had to do with other deodorants in the past.

When switching to a natural deodorant it’s important to remember that these will not stop sweat. You will sweat, it’s normal to sweat and these are not anti-antiperspirants.  That said, some will contain ingredients such as arrowroot, cornflour and baking soda to absorb some of the sweat so for general use you might not notice sweatyness which was the case with Pit Putty in my experience.


People love mini products for holidays and Pit Putty totally have you covered here!  The mini tins last 7 to 14 days and are perfect for hand luggage, you will likely need to include them in your liquid bag the same way that you do lip balms.  The mini tins are also great if you want to give them a try without committing to a larger tin.

Cost wise I find it comparable to other natural brands but if you are used to £1 roll ons from the supermarket you will be paying quite a bit more as the larger tins are £9.95.  Are they worth it?  In my opinion, yes.  I actually really loved using this deodorant and I adore the mini tins for travel and for my handbag for the days I forget to put deodorant on when chasing the kids out of the house!

As I said, the products were gifted, however I was not asked to give a favorable review and the opinions are my own honest thoughts.

You can find the guys over at Pit Putty on their website or on Instagram

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