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Where to buy ethical jeans?

Over on Instagram it is the start of slow fashion season and I have been making lists. Lists of what you ask? Well, lists for brands you can buy ethical fashion from. Did you know over 2 billion pairs of jeans are produced each year? Imagine the environmental and human impact we could have by […]

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How to find a much needed item of clothing second hand!

So often when I tell people I shop for clothes second hand they will come up with blocks as to why they couldn’t possibly do it too. A big one is that they wouldn’t be able to find a specific item second hand. Examples include: “But I can only buy clothes that are suitable for […]

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A year without new clothes completed

As of Januray 1st 2020 that was it. A year without new clothes is complete. This time last year I watched the Stacey Dooley documentary on Fashions dirty secrets.  It was after that I decided to take myself and my 3 kids on a journey to give up fast fashion.  As somebody who had only […]

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