This weekend I checked out my local refill store for their launch day.  It was packed but thankfully I knew what I was looking to try, the laundry powder.  This store stocked Fill laundry powder which ticks lots of boxes as it is Cruelty Free, Vegan and Eco Friendly.  Winner.

Armed with an old peanut butter jar I had brought with me, I asked could they fill it with the laundry powder so I could give it a try.  To do this, the store put a tare weight on my jar so they knew how much it weighed when empty and then filled it with the laundry powder.  The Fill powder was retailing for 50p per 100g, I paid £1.02 for this jar of 204g.


The Fill website gives the dosage required as 20g per wash which is what I used.  This would work out around 10p per wash.  To put that into perspective own brand Non Bio in Tesco is £4 for 40 washes so the same price but without the ethical advantages.

When I opened the jar to use it I realised the powder I had bought was scented with petitgrain oil – they do however have an unscented version.  I don’t love the smell in the jar but having done 3 loads of washing this weekend I can confirm it doesn’t leave much of a smell on the laundry itself and I would be happy to use it again.  I don’t use any fabric softener so the mild scent can only have come from the laundry powder.

It’s a non bio so I already know it won’t be magical at keeping whites white (do any non bios?) but its done a smashing job at cleaning my darks and colours.  My whites where as clean as with my previous laundry powder (Norwex) but I do have Sodium Percarbonate to soak them in when I feel they need brightened up.  I really should soak my whites more often if I am honest and Sodium Percarbonate is a natural bleach safe for use on clothing and safe for aquatic life so no worry about it going down the drains either.

So would i recommend the Fill Laundry Powder?  Sure I would.  It does exactly what I need it to and meets my requirements which aren’t always easy for brands to hit.  Next time I will 100% be bringing a larger tub to fill for my laundry room and the jar will be used to give the dishwasher powder a go too!

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  1. […] Update:  Having realised Norwex are not able to confirm their cruelty free stance I am no longer using this powder but the review is still an honest one on how it worked.  I am now using Fill laundry powder which is also eco friendly and cheaper – the review is here. […]

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