Ocean Saver Refill Drops



OceanSaver Refill Drops – these water soluble refills that can be put into your own reusable bottles, or you can just reuse your old branded bottles such as dettol. Add one pod and mix with warm water to create 750ml of product without the plastic waste(1 drop/pod per pack).

An EcoDrop is a cleaning refill that offers superior cleaning power, with zero plastic waste! Our EcoDrops include everything you need to clean, but we take out the water and deliver a concentrated solution, ready for you to dilute with your water at home. EcoDrops are made from a water soluble & 100% biodegradable film (PVOH) and completely dissolves into water without generating any Micro or Nano plastics. And because we’re not shipping water round the country, sending just one truck of OceanSaver to a supermarket is the equivalent of 12 trucks of a leading competitor brand.

Options available are:
Kitchen degreaser

Additional information

Pod type

Anti-bac, Multi purpose cleaner – Apple, Multi purpose cleaner – lavender, Glass, Bathroom degreaser, Kitchen degreaser


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