Compostable sponge cleaning cloths (4pk)


Made in Europe
Tree planted for each pack of sponges sold.

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This is a pack of 4 compostable sponge cloths with botanical prints.

Unlike most sponge cloths, these are plastic free and made with 70% cellulose and 30% cotton meaning no microplastics are released and they are 100% home compostable. Water-based inks are used for the design print. 100% natural sponge cloths. Certified according to Oeko-Tex standard 100.

These sponge cloths are very absorbent, durable and reusable.

Directions: Wet you sponge cloth and squeeze excess water out. You can then use it for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and all around the house. Rinse the cloth after use. Clothes are suitable for washing in the dishwaser or washing machine at 30 – 60c. Line dry only and reuse over and over until you feel the cloth needs replacing.

Size:172 × 200 mm

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