If we haven’t met before, then it’s nice to meet you, I’m Emmy. I’m an earth loving, vegan living, cruelty free beauty supporter and chocoholic. I come from a not so sunny Northern Ireland where I live with my partner in crime, our 3 children and 1 rescue dog.

I’ve always been a little bit alternative, that friend that people come to for advice on cloth nappies or cruelty free makeup. In 2016 I started to share my passion for cruelty free and cleaner beauty sporadically on Instagram and via my blog. As time went on, my focus became not just on living cruelty free but also sharing eco hacks and green living tips. It didn’t take long to realise there are lots of us out there all with the same dreams, individually stumbling along trying to find the greener choices out there for us to make.

Step forward The Greener Guru. As somebody who is fortunate to work for an ethical beauty company and who has been trying to live a greener life since I was a teenager I decided it was time to up my game and commit to sharing my knowledge and help others find the greener swaps they could easily implement in their own lives. None of us are perfect but with a bit of effort and information sharing we sure can all live a little greener – I’m a rebel with a cause, I want us to live more sustainable lives and give our earth a chance to flourish and provide for us the way it was meant to.